(pictured above: Edward and his creator/me, below: DANNY ELFMAN ASKJDFFF.)

The Danny Elfman concert was. SO. AMAZING.
He showed up suddenly on stage after the intermission, and sang as Jack Skellington (“What’s This?” in person holy carp). The voice of Sally also sang one song. Oh yeah, Tim Burton showed up too, NO BIG DEAL I’M NOT FREAKING OUT OR ANYTHING. There was also a really kickass electric guitarist for the Scissorhands portion. She looked like Death from The Sandman and was crazy. There were tons of people with Oingo Boingo shirts and I think I complimented every one of them. Good music taste here.

We (my mom dressed as Sally, myself as Vincent Price) waited around out back, and were rewarded - Mr. Burton waved to the few of us while driving away forever. Sigh.

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